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Breakin' Convention 19': A day for the Female Soloists

Logistx: Belinda Lawley Here I am again. A South West London girl who was fed hip-hop via the medium of the music video, an older brother and the tunes from the boot of the early 2000's Vauxhall Corsa. For all of these mediums I owe most grateful exposure to everything from Lauryn Hill to Lucy Pearl, from T.I. to Ludacris, from Nas to Oxide and Nutrino and from 'Making the Band' to 'The Wade Robson Project'. Mix this in with a splash of a brief dancing phase in my 20's and you have a girl who is a super fan, plugged into it all but still learning a lot along the way. I am also now a performer myself, and have come to understand what stagecraft is through comedy. I have also come to understan